Education-orientd Biomonitoring and Biofeedback Devices
 Compact Neurofeedback, Biofeedback and HRV Trainers
USED BY teachers
coaches, sports participants
industrial stress consultants
yoga instructors,  military consultants
students and researchers.
Compact  Neurofeedback
Compact  EMG Unit
Compact  HRV Trainers
The  GP-4e amplifier
Welcome to PhysioPilot.
We provide research-grade true-signal physiological detection and recording instruments for universities, clinics, wellness centers and government health agencies. Our mission is to provide you with accurate information about the state of your relaxation and your resiliency to stress.       
Our hardware is s no-compromise, research-grade  miniature physiological signal detection system that you can trust, at a price you can afford.

Our system has many uses.
AROUSAL MONITORS: It can provide accurate information about physiological reactivity to challenges and stressors.
EVALUATION OF RELAXATION SCRIPTS: It can detect how deeply you relax to common relaxation and mindfulness techniques.
BIOFEEDBACK: It can provide immediate feedback if your attention drifts or you become disturbed while attempting to relax or concentrate.
   NEUROFEEDBACK: Allows you to focus on undetectable brainwave activity using augmented feedback, and - with repetition - shape that awareness of subtle brainwave activity to optimize performance.

The applications of this technology are wide-spread. We at PhysioData are proud to provide an inexpensive introduction to these domains at a fair price.  
NEW! The GP-8 EEG hardware also runs SmartMind, software that combines neurofeedback and cognitive retraining