Hardware Developers:                            PhysioCom Designs
Hardware-to-software Driver Interface:  PhysioCom Designs
Software Development:                          PhysioData
Device Series Name :                            GP [General Purpose] Bio-Instruments
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These products were developed by a team of engineers, psychophysiologists and scientist-teachers who have years of experience in computerized physiological monitoring. Key team members have built biomedical and bio-physiological products used in many OEM devices. For the first time, this team of engineers has sponsored and built a line of products in their own name, the ones featured here.

Our mission  is threefold:
-  HARDWARE:To provide highest quality research-grade physiological signal detection hardware that rivals or exceeds the specifications of expensive system.
- FIRMWARE: To provide software developers with built-in conversions from digial number streams to standardized physiological signals [e.g., uVolts, degrees F/C, uMhos, etc]. We also provide computer-to-firmware feedback options if needed. Contact us for details.
- SOFTWARE: To provide customers with a software for reliable detection, recording and review of physiological signals. To provide physiological signals for research and teaching about topics like biofeedback, stress and relaxation triggers.  We provide our own software called PhysioData. Other providers also support our hardware but be sure to confirm with them that they support the latest models. 

For customers from China, please contact Talegenes (Hangzhou Jingsi),
our partner and distributor of neurofeedback hardware since 2010
Email: keynote@live.com.

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