One input channel detects microvolt activity.
-  Select a gain and bandwidth range for EMG or EEG or ECG detection.
AAA BATTERIES – Power is supplied from batteries to power circuitry for activity in the sensor. This activity is converted to light pulses that a detected and converted to electrical pulses on the USB side by an optical isolation module. This protects against accidental power discharges through the client bject.when he or she touches an electrically active o

RELIABLE  CABLES – Medical  standard  1.5mm  pin  to  snap  leads are  used  for electrode connections and are available from many suppliers.

NEW TECHNOLOGY – Gives you cleaner signals, more reliability, and lower cost in a compact, rugged enclosure.

SOFTWARE –   General purpose signal monitoring and recording applications are included. The included software is supported on Windows 7, 8, and 10.  Third party software is available from several suppliers. We provide drivers and support for software developers.

COMPACT DESIGN – A general purpose physiological signal monitor in a case the size of a pack of playing cards. Add a small computer and you have a system in your pocket.

CONNECTION TEST – A built-in test monitors electrode connections.

TYPICAL sEMG Placements                                                   TYPICAL EEG Placement                           Wrist-to-wrist  ECG Placement - for HRV
 Compact Neurofeedback, Biofeedback and HRV Trainers